Immotix time – The flexible time registration software

Immotix Time

Immotix time is the modern time registration software, using tags or employee cards to check in, open doors, switch alarms on and off and to update the worked hours. Completely hardware independent, by preference using installations present in the building. As you can expect from a software enterprise Immotix also offers complete time registration systems, including hardware and tags/cards.

Immotix offers an user-friendly way to make rosters and schedules for employees, teams, departments or branches

  • No limit on the number of rosters or schedules
  • Programmable rosters and intervals, with variable start- and end time

The purpose of time registration is to keep track of the worked hours, breaks,(sick) leaves per employee, overtime rosters and diverse salary or balance information. This is what Immotix does as the best:

  • Dashboard with important information for the management
  • Several detailed performance based reports
  • log in page per employee with detailed information

Immotix Time is hardware independent and able to be integrated with Immotix and your current systems.

  • Automatically sends released hours to the salary proccessor
  • Option to enable employees to see salaryslip in the login page

Developed with 20 years of experience

Immotix time is developed through a long partnership with the company Van Bragt. Since 1995 Van Bragt has been specialized in time registration solutions. Van Bragts counts as a leader in time registration and time recording.

Immotix time in short

  • One dashboard with an overview on employees. (who is where, late or sick, overtime, balance information)

  • View department information (worked hours, balance per chosen period or branch)

  • View reports

  • View who’s present/absent, if need be with employee information

  • Employees login with personal information about the worked hours, overtime and other affairs

  • Time per project for billing or costs per hour, insight in productivity and completion time

  • Connection with business software for affairs such as payroll administration

  • Correction possibilities for lost tags, forgotten registrations or unplanned absence like sickness etc.

  • Simple settings of the schedules and rosters. User-friendly settings of repeating workhours.

Download Immotix Documentatie (212 kb)

More information? Businessmen experience increased productivity with the Immotix Time software.

Besides the time registration system Immotix offer complete facility, security and building management tools. See the brochure for the complete Immotix software platform.
Download Immotix Documentatie (212 kb)