Emergency and Evacuation solutions for safety officers

Immotix offers an emergency team dashboard for your pc, laptop or mobile phone with crucial information for every emergency officer when calamity strikes. Crucial information such as the actual evacuation list. Connecting systems used by the customer to the Immotix software produces the major benefit of a smart building with an evacuation administration in one emergency team dashboard.

  • Emergency officers are triggered by an alert from the Immotix system
  • Emergency officers information is shared with employees and vice versa
  • Emergency officers have an actual evacuation list
  • Emergency officers can control and view the alarm system status. In short, a safe feeling.

Immotix connects and integrates currently used systems, technical installations and the Immotix software. Afterwards Immotix connects these hardware installations with IT systems such as work schedules or HR sytems to view users/employees and to have an overview of the worked hours etc.

Immotix connects the following:

  • Smoke detectors and temperature gauges
  • Access control systems
  • Safety systems
  • Camera and security systems

Also an Emergency Dashboard?
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    Calamity scenario’s

    ip rookmelder rooksensor brandalarmering brandsensor brandmelder When a smoke detector makes an alert of a fire, with the Immotix platform triggers can be set to display camera/video images or control certain doors.
    nooduitgang voorziening In case of the of the above-mentioned alert, an evacuation has to happen. The Immotix system immediately alerts the emergency officers through for example an SMS-alert. The Officers have access to the actual evacuation lists and employee information. Emergency accesses can be unlocked/opened if needed.