Referenties en projecten Immotix

University De Kempel

In collaboration with Immotix partner Van Dorp Installations the Immotix software is succesfully installed at the univeristy De Kempel in Helmond, The Netherlands. The Univeristy De Kempel , [...]

Van Dorp Installations

Since June 2017 the Immotix Building Dashboard runs 2 years at installations company Van Dorp. With Immotix the company has an actual view in which employees are present or absent in the main and/or chosen [...]

The Cookie Company

The Cookie Company designs and produces clothes and accesories for major European Retailers with great licenses and famous characters/companies like Disney. For the headoffice Cookie Company installed the Immotix software in combination with the renewed ATS [...]

Inceptivize Survey Tool

Inceptivize Offers housing corporations advice and tools for customer satisfaction (research). Immotix is a technological partner for Immotix.

Hogeschool de Kempel

In samenwerking met Immotix partner Van Dorp Installaties is bij Hogeschool de Kempel in Helmond Immotix in gebruik genomen. Hogeschool De Kempel levert aan ca. 800 studenten PABO onderwijs, verdeeld over 2 gebouwen. De [...]

The Cookie Company

The Cookie Company ontwerpt en produceert kleding en accessoires voor grote Europese retailers met geweldige licentie merken en bekende karakters zoals onder ander Disney. Voor het hoofdkantoor van The Cookie Company is in combinatie met [...]