Immotix Reception Dashboard

Receptie 2.0 – Would like to welcome you

Immotix reception dashboard offers reception staff an effective solution for access, safety and communication processes. The dashboard displays all commonly used actions in one dashboard. No more switching of programs or screens for different systems of devices. In addition, every dashboard van be adjusted to your personal preferences.

Give access and open doors directly from the dashboard. No view of the front or backdoor?
Receptions staff can see whether a visitor enters through the door with live camera images and open doors from distance without switching screens

Who is currently inside the building? Which employees and which emergency officers?

Immotix Reception dashboard shows a clear attendance- and evacuation list for receptionists and emergency team officers. Everything from on screen, no screen swapping.

meetingreserveren_gA professional welcome for customers and effective way to forward calls between employees.

Immotix reception displays employee information to avoid miscommunication between employees and/or between employees and customers.

Do you know who is present today?

“One moment please, I will try to put you through”

Transfering a call to a colleague who is not present does not come through professional. The reception staff would like to know if there colleagues are present or absent, and also where they are.  To boost the quality of your reception staff, use Immotix Reception Dashboard, the tool that shows if a colleague is present, absent, late, on vacation, sick etc. And also where he/she is.

Immotix Receptie Dashboard in short

  • One dashboard for the reception: Clear insight in your access, alarm and camerasystems

  • View your installed camera images without switching between screens or programmes.

  • Open doors and control access to doors and rooms from distance, also for an unmanned reception.

  • Increase safety with an overview of the present Emegency officers

  • up-to-date evacuation list in case of calamities or emergency situations

  • Insight in the latest door usage and alarm records from the dashboard

  • Connection with (for example) time registration business software

  • Ability to put triggers on (for example) waiting time per visitor

  • Shows security notifications and alerts in the reception dashboard for a quick response


Download Immotix Documentatie (467 kb)

Want to know more? Reception employees experience increased comfort and safety with the Immotix Reception Dashboard

Besides the Reception Dashboard Immotix offers systems for facility, security and building management. See the brochure for the complete Immotix software platform.
Download Immotix Documentatie (467 kb)