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Since June 2017 the Immotix Building Dashboard runs 2 years at installations company Van Dorp. With Immotix the company has an actual view in which employees are present or absent in the main and/or chosen branches. The immotix system also comes with an actual emergency officer- and evacuation list. John van Puijenbroek, sr. Projectleader at Van Dorp, shares his experience and story about smart buildings.

Van Dorp is a installation company that operates nationally, known for its durable and innovative installations. Initially Mr. Van Puijenbroek chose Immotix Building Dashboards because the usermanagement of their accesscontrol systems could be strongly simplified. Previously, there lacked a national overview of “who is in which branch”.


John van Puijenbroek

In the Immotix dashboard Van Dorp sees which of the employees is present and working. Van Drop also sees which entrance or door was used last per employee. Alarminformation and technical malfunctions are directly visible. All transactions come from the current ATS alarm- and accesscontrole system. Previously Van Dorp could only connect to ATS with Special desktopsoftware and solely to UTC products like CCtv and fire alarm systems. Immotix allows users to connect different brands based on their IP network.

Recently Van Drop Installations connected their camera and security system in Immotix. According to Mr. Van Puijenbroek: “A very safe thought. We install and sell alot of mobotix camerasystems and ATS alarm systems. We also use these systems in our buildings. It’s very powerful to be able to quickly review video footage with every door movement for verification and to prevent fraud.”

In the meantime 2 of the 7 ATS panels within Van Dorp are connected to Immotix and soon the remaining panels will be added. Mr. Puijenbroek: “Together with Immotix possible problems in the systems are being solved. Together we work towards a perfect user friendly software system for  our users.

Continually advising Immotix on possible improvements Mr Van Puijenbroek says the following: “The next step is the ability to read out standard ESPA 4.4.4 fire alarms which will allow different brands of fire alarmsystems to be included in Immotix. This causes security systems – which are usually already present in your building – to come together and become one security syetem. The user gets all his security systems in an affordable package. The great thing about Immotix is that it is not dependend on any brand. This allows great flexibility and the possibility to connect with any device or brand.”

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