Project omschrijving

In collaboration with Immotix partner Van Dorp Installations the Immotix software is succesfully installed at the univeristy De Kempel in Helmond, The Netherlands. The Univeristy De Kempel , that delivers about 800 students to the PABO education, is seperated into two buildings. The university De Kempel purchased Immotix for multiple functions.

Employees and teachers entering the university with 2 tags or a bunch of keys is history. Employees clock in to register their presence and open doors with one tag, in one central system. furthermore users don’t have to be  inserted 1 by 1, this all happens automatically via the Active Directory of the University.

With the new projection screen that shows which teacher is present, students know who is present or absent and where the teachers can be found. The screen is integrated in the Narrowcasting solution from LeftClick.

Univeristy De Kempel already had the ATS alarm and accesscontrol system, installed by Van Dorp. Van Dorp replaced all the card readers and connected them to the ATS system. Immotix is connected to the private network and shows all the details in its system.

For more information, contact Van Dorp or Immotix.