Immotix Customer Statistics

Would you like to have a higher ‘Share of Wallet’?

Do you know how many customers visit your store at different times of the day? Which route do most of your customers take? Do you have insight in the type of customers your business attracts? Are the evening opening hours effective? What kind of insight do you have in the conversion and sales per customer?

Immotix Customer Statistics

Customer Statistics is a software system that can integrate and connect your store equipment and systems. By preference our Retail system uses your current camera systems and our smart image-analyses software for customer counts and other analyses. The Immotix Retail system integrates with the camera or financial system to relate the turnover details with your customers and visitors.

Immotix Smart Retail Platform has a modular set-up and aims to:

  • Predict customer- buying behaviour through in-store analytics
  • Increase turnover; increase conversio, turnover and customers
  • Decrease costs: optimal working hours, opening hours and personnel planning
  • Marketing effectivity; improved camgaignes and store lay-out

The basics of the Retail solution is the ability to count the customers and to chart the walking behaviour by means of advanced images analyses.

Immotix makes the following (real-time) reports available:

  • Number of visitors per store/hour/day
  • Walking direction of customers
  • Peak and off-peak moments
  • Optionally: number and duration of visits in the warehouse

Valuable management information is made available through system integration. Immotix has wizards at its disposal to gain data out of your register- or financial system to eventually relate turnover to the number of visitors and customers.

The combination of customerdata and turnover gives insight in:

  • turnover per: customer/ hour/ day / store
  • Coversion per: customer/ hour/ day/ store
  • Option: cross analyses marketing and webshop data
Download Retail Factsheet (523KB)

Download the Retail Factsheet;
Boost your turnover

If every store, visitor and customer counts, check out this factsheet about Immotix Smart Retail Platform. Find answers on how many customers visit your store, at what time and which route they choose. Obtain accurate insight in the conversion and turnover per customer.
Download Retail Factsheet (523KB)

Benefits Immotix Customer Statistics

  • Count customers and observe walking behaviour
  • Customer numbers and insight through mobile application
  • Optimize opening hours, lay-out and walking routes
  • Type of customer, loyaltycard en demographic features
  • Store heatmaps: What attracts your customers?
  • Emotion recognition for marketing purposes

  • Connect registersystems for turnover and coversion anaylses

  • Link HR-planning for optimal peak and off-peak staffing

  • Integrate webshopdata for omnichannel analyses

  • Connect security systems for customer, employee and property safety

Set-up Immotix Retail solution

The Immotix Retail solution is a software system that can be installed in your office or as a cloud service controled by us. For customer counts Immotix prefers to connect with the current camera systems of your business through the secured IP network. No camera system yet? We would be pleased to advice you for the best possible solution.

Immotix integrates technologiy partners with demonstrable added value in retail applications:

  • SmarterVision for streaming camaraimages and analyse
  • Milestone for advanced video management software
  • Axis and/or Canon cameras due to their knowledge and support in retail applications

Customer counts and walking behaviour

The basics of retail solutions is the counting of customers and bringing in chart of the walking behaviour of customers by means of advanced camera image analyses.

Immotix makes the following  (real-time) reports available:

  • Number of customers per: store/ hour/ day
  • Walking behaviour of customers
  • Peak and off- peak analyses
  • Optionally: number of- and duration of warehouse visitis

Remaining possibilities Retail solution

HR and Planning integration

System integration with your HR or personnel planning data in combination with actual customerdata creates reports such as:

  • Customer/employee ratio per: hour/ day or store
  • Trend overview offers optimalization suggestions

Store- and customer behaviour analyses

Using current security and camera systems Immotix SRP can give more insight in customer behaviour (intensity and duration) in your store. For this solution we use customer heatmaps. 

Customer cards

Customer cards are powerfull tools to get to know your customers, do personal offers and build trust. By providing the registers with card readers Immotix can reports what your customers buy. Integration with your webshop is possible. Multiple instruments will be used based on the KPI per customer cardholder per visit.

I would like to know more:
Download the Retail Factsheet ....

Download Retail Factsheet (523KB)
Download Retail Factsheet (523KB)