Immotix Camera Integration

Look less, See more

Immotix only shows interesting and/or remarkable camera images. Integration with web-based services and intelligent patern recognition continually gives real-time signals.

Upgrade your current systems

Connecting your current camerasystems to your other systems, diverse important data becomes reachable. You do not invest in hardware but in smart software and operations. For example: Immotix analyses the correlation between your customers, sales and personal data. Stay ahead competitors with Building intelligence.

Get more out of your camera system

With Immotix a camera system turns from a cost element to the possibility to increase sales, increase safety or to gain better insight of diverse processes.

The quality of todays camera’s keep improving, they are also becoming more advanced. CCTV gets connected to the internet through IP. Because of this Immotix can analyse and effectively use the images. With camera’s which can collect analytic data Immotix can use that data to increase effectiveness.

  • Predict customer behaviour with in-door analytics
  • Increase sales and customers numbers
  • Reduce costs with the best openingshours and personnel plan
  • Marketing effectiveness; Improve campaigns and the store layout

Enrich camera images with cloud services and patern recognition. Comparing real time images with online services is becoming much more accesible. This offers interesting and diverse possibilities which we would like to share with you:

  • Recognize dangerous objects in real time
  • Emotion analyses on customers for customer satisfaction research
  • Recognize remarkable patterns based on probability calculations

The most valueable informations is the one that is being used. Immotix believes that that is the essence of Building Intellegence. Ultimately it is about the actions following the acquired knowledge. For this immotix has developed the right tools.

  • Dashboard with essential information for any employee or manager
  • Different dashboard per function, Receptionist / Facility Manager / Security / Property management
  • Scorecard overview with KPI’s and commentary functions
  • Keep track of what your employees do by starting initiatives and monitoring them

heatmapCamera images provides much data. Visualizing this data and putting it on the image creates a heatmap  that shows the visitorsflow in a store. Immotix Retail uses these heatmaps with the goal to provide store managers with tools and information to make the best decisions for their store. With these tools Immotix gives insight in:

  • Numbers of visitors per store / hour / day
  • walking direction of visitors
  • Peak and off peak periods
  • Optional: numbers and duration of storeroom visits

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    Advantages Immotix Camera Integration

    • Count customers and observe walking direction for customerpatterns

    • Insight via functions in the dashboard for receptionists, facility managers, security officers and property managers

    • No more swapping from multiple screens

    • Images analyses and effective usage of camera’s

    • An image or short clip of any door movement

    • Emotion recognition for marketingstrategies

    • Get more out of your current camera- security system

    • Link HR-planning for the best peak and off-peak staffing

    • Integrate webshopdata for an omnichannel analyses

    • Conncect safety systems for protection of customer, employees and property

    Want to know more?: download the Immotix Flyer

    Download Immotix Flyer (612KB)
    Download Immotix Flyer (612KB)

    Access- and Accescontrole systems

    One of the key systems in Immotix is the possibility to integrate accesscontrole systems based on IP. To become a market leader in this branch Immotix established partnerships with multiple accesscontrole systems producer and suppliers. Besides sales and support for customers we share our knowledge to suppliers for innovative software development. Immotix integrates the most accessible systems, visitorsregistration systems (for exampe TOPdesk), automatic numberplate recognition (for axample ANPR), camera suppliers ( Axis), camera management systems ( Milestone), but also your Microsoft Active Directory.

    We’re proud of our partnership for accesscontrol  with Axis. Axis is a global market leader in IP camera’s. Immotix is one of the first partners that completely integrates with the Axis A1001 IP Door Controler. Read more..Immotix adopts the ONVIF standard for communication with the Axis A1001 IP Door Controler. You can find everything about the patnership in the press release (dutch).

    Immotix gladly enters into dialogue with suppliers who would like to make the step to “smart control” or control with smartphones. Via the Immotix SBP we unlock diverse switches and modules through a mobile device / smartphone. We have multiple examples for the most common mobile platforms like iOs, Android and Windows Mobile.

    show functionalities...
    • IP (garage) door handling and access through the smartphone
    • IP camera security (insight) and imageanalyses (surveillance)
    • IP heating (smart thermostat)
    • IP air conditioning (climate control)
    • IP smoke detection (smoke sensor)

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