Every building, every user

Both New and old buildings are suitable to use Immotix. It’s about the equipment and the users. Immotix makes users experience that the building becomes smart when it gets access to the many functionalities it has to offer.

Open Platform

Immotix supplies the key element for every intelligent building. The Immotix Smart Building Platform (SBP) is an open platform that connects equipment to your IT surroundings. Connecting these components the platform unlocks signals and data through the regular IP network which makes interaction possible. Immotix connects a broad range of devices, including the most commen acces control, alarm and camera systems.


We are a strong proponent of improving existing equipment systems, and electronics. This means the we primarely solve software targeted problems. If the current equipment is not yet connected to your IoT surroundings we gladly share our expertise to make that integration possible. As a brand-, hardware or product independent business Immotix gladly provides you with the right advice.

The Internet of Things

Immotix capitalizes on the trend of the decade: The Internet of Things. Because diverse devices are being connected to the internet in an high rate we can use them very versatile. This is where the Immotix team has been specialized in, the last 5 years, to become one of the prominent enterprises in the IoT business.

Immotix Smart Building Platform in short

  • Central management of all your IP equipment on various locations

  • Integration of various devices

  • Analytic data from every IP device. For example, the amount of customers that enter your store at a chosen time of the day

  • Improved security and access to your IP devices

  • Increased worth and functionality of your building

  • Interactive sensors, screens and modules

  • Connection with your business software

  • Real time monitoring for instances such as, Fire breakouts/Evacuation/Emergency officer purposes

  • Access to your devices from any platform, for example, your smarthphone

  • Energy conservation through connection with agendas and working schedules

Immotix Customers and references

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